Q1. What is CashCare?

CashCare is India's first simple and secure lending platform where you can secure short term financing for your purchases. The approval process is online and takes only 2-5 minutes. You can buy today and pay over 3/6/9 and 12 month equated monthly instalment (EMI) options for your purchase.

Q2. How do I use CashCare?

There are 2 ways to use CashCare:

  1. Create a CashCare account at www.cashcare.in in just a few easy steps or

  2. Select CashCare as a payment method while checking out at any of CashCare's partner websites

Q3. What do I require to have a CashCare account?

To use CashCare, you must:

  1. Be an Indian citizen

  2. Be 18 years of age or older

  3. Have a valid Indian mailing address

  4. Have a valid Indian mobile number that can receive SMS messages

  5. Provide us with your name, email, , birth date, PAN card number, name of your employer , proof of your employment and salary to help us verify your identity.

Q4. Is CashCare a financial institution?

No. CashCare is a technology company that assists its financing partners through an algorithm based system to analyse each customer's risk profile prior to a loan approval. Our technology enables the financing partner to conduct a real-time assessment of the creditworthiness of a customer thereby providing an easy customer experience.

Q5. Does CashCare access my CIBIL score?

Yes, on behalf of the financing partner, CashCare does a credit check with CIBIL to verify your identity and determine your eligibility for financing. This may have a minor impact on your CIBIL score.
For returning customers, CashCare will do a credit check only incase your loan application is after two months from your first loan to reconfirm your credit worthiness and ensure that we offer you the best financing options possible.

Q6. Are there any interest charges or fees associated with CashCare?

The interest charged on loans offered by our financing partners range between 15% to 25% Annualised Percentage Rate (APR). (0% APR is also offered by select merchants as part of their promotional offers/schemes etc.) A processing fee is also charged for facilitating the value added financing option to the customer. We strive to be transparent and fair and An interest charged or fees payable by the Financing Partner will be clearing communicated in Indian rupees and an Annual Percentage Rate (APR) so that you can know exactly what you are paying for as part of the application process. We never charge any compounding interest, prepayment fees or any other hidden fees.

Q7. Is my personal information secure with CashCare ?

Yes, protecting your personal information is very important to us. We encrypt all sensitive data including PAN number. We also maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to protect your information. We do not sell or rent your information to anyone. You can read more about our Privacy Policy here.

Q1. What is the CashCare Credit Limit?

CashCare has launched a special Credit Limit system where customers will have the choice to make right purchases during the coming festive season. One can get a credit limit from Rs. 10k-2L through the CashCare platform. Once the documentation is complete, you will be able to freely shop by choosing CashCare as the payment option and authenticating your phone number. You can pay for your purchase with 3 / 6/ 9 / 12 months EMI.

Q2. How long does the approval process take? What is my credit limit?

All you have to do is complete a one-step CashCare form to find out your credit limit. Credit limit will range from Rs. 10k-2L. Our credit system will share the credit limit assigned to you on a real-time basis. Your credit limit will be activated once documentation process completed.

Q3. When does the credit limit get activated?

We will be sending you an email / SMS once we have a final confirmation from our lending partners. Credit limit will be active only after complete verification of documents and final approval.

Q4. Can my credit limit be declined post online approval?

In small cases, financing partner does decline customers post online approval. This only happens if the documents submitted are not as per financing partners requirement.

Q5. What are required documents?

  1. Passport sized photograph

  2. Copy of PAN Card

  3. Adhaar card (optional)

  4. Proof of address (Ex. driving license)

  5. Last 3 months bank statements

Q6. Can I buy something greater than my credit limit?

Yes, you have a ability to buy a product greater than your credit limit. All you will have to do is make downpayment for the remaining value of the product. For example, if you are credit limit is Rs. 50k and you are making a purchase of Rs. 75k, you can make Rs. 25k downpayment and still complete your purchase.

Q7. Is there downpayment associated with the purchase?

As per our financing partner policy, there is a min. 10% downpayment that is required for all purchases.

Q8. What can buy with the credit limit?

Any products with cart value as 10000 or more can be bought with CashCare other than non compliant product such as Gold.

Q9. How do I check the status of the approval?

Status of your approval can attained by visiting our website www.cashcare.in and logging in. You can also email us care@earlysalary.com

Q10.How many times can I shop using my credit limit?

Credit limit is valid for one purchase; second purchase and subsequent purchases can be made post first EMI payment

Q11. What is the basis to decide my credit limit?

Credit limit is decided on multiple factors like current income, credit history, shopping history and many other data points.

Q1. How do I use Buy with CashCare ?

If you select CashCare as a payment option on our partner website, you can avail the services in the following manner:

  1. Fill your cart and select the CashCare payment option on the partner website's checkout page.

  2. Enter a few basic pieces of information to identify yourself. We'll instantly let you know if you are approved for a loan.

  3. Review your payment plan details and click confirm to make the down-payment and complete the purchase


You can also create a account with CashCare on www.cashcare.in and avail our services as below:

  1. Share your information and get approved for a loan with CashCare.

  2. Select the products you wish to purchase , make the downpayment and submit your documents.

  3. Complete the KYC process and book your product at the partner website.

  4. Enjoy your product now and pay for it as per your selected EMI plan.

Q2. Where can I use Buy with CashCare ?

CashCare is currently available with the following partners:

  1. FabFurnish

  2. ShopClues

  3. ShopMonk

  4. Edureka

  5. DeZyre

  6. CredR

  7. Pricebaba

  8. MakeMyTrip

We keep adding more partners to the list. Please visit Our Partners section for the complete list of partner websites.

Q3. Who is eligible?

To be eligible, you must either have a credit card or have taken a loan

Q4. How long does it take to an approval?

We have built the easiest form for our customers. You will learn about your eligibility within 2-5 mins.

Q5. What happens after I am approved for CashCare financing for my purchase?

After online approval of financing from CashCare, there are two more steps:
Step 1: Initial Payment
Our financing offer requires all customers to make an upfront payment (down-payment + processing fees).

Step 2: Documentation Process
After receiving the initial payment, our representative will visit you to collect: (a) Last 3 months bank statement, (b) Last 3 months pay slip (c) Cancelled cheque (d) Copy of PAN card (e) Copy of Aadhaar card and (f) Proof of address.

You will also need to sign a loan agreement and provide us with an auto-debit form (NACH Mandate) to authorize us to automatically deduct your EMIs from your bank account. Exact list of the documents will be shared with you at the time of the confirmation.

Q6. How does the auto-debit form (NACH Mandate) work?

For ease of repayment, CashCare uses the auto-debit repayment facility available with all leading banks. NACH is a centralised clearing system of National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) for facilitating automated repayments. You are requested to sign the mandate form provided by our representatives to help us enable the service on your bank account

Q7. Can my application get declined? What do I do in that case?

CashCare may not be able to serve you for the following reason:
(a) if we are unable to verify information provided by you or
(b) if your profile does not match the requirement of our financing partner.

In the event that your loan application is not accepted, you will be redirected to the partner website to complete your purchase using the other available payment options.

Q8. Why is document collection process required?

RBI mandates financial institutions to collect KYC documents before giving out a loan to a customer. Further, we will be collecting the repayment documents (NACH Mandate) from you to make the process convenient for you.

Q9. Can my application get declined after making the downpayment ?

The approval at the time of downpayment is conditional and subject to verification of the application by the authorised financing partner. In case of any discrepancies noted by the financing partner or in case the documents provided are not satisfactory, the loan application may get declined. In such cases, we will refund you the complete down-payment amount within 24 hours into your payment account. Unfortunately, we won't be able to refund you the processing fees.

Q10. How do I know the status of my application?

The approval process on your application is instant. You will know the status of your application as soon as you complete the form.

Q11. Am I eligible for multiple loans?

Yes, you can apply for a second loan once after the first instalment on the first loan is repaid.

Q12. Can I cancel my purchase? Is there a refund policy?

CashCare does not have a separate cancellation policy. Cancellation and refunds will be as per the return policy of the partner website.

Q13. How do I dispute a purchase on my CashCare account?

If you'd like to dispute a purchase on your CashCare account, please contact us at care@earlysalary.com

Q14. Why is my product not shipped immediately after the down payment confirmation?

We are required to complete the KYC documentation procedure before we can disburse the loan amount to the vendor and release the product for shipment. In case of any discrepancy in the documents, we will refund your down payment

Q15. Is my down payment transaction secure?

Down payments made by you are through the certified payment gateway PayU. The details entered by you on the gateway are secured extremely safely with dedicated encrypted server which is PCI DSS compliant.

Q16. Why am I asked to enter my bank information or upload my bank statements?

In order to make the documentation process simpler, we provide our customers the option of electronically providing the bank statements through a statement upload or netbanking fetch. This step helps in eliminating the cumbersome process of procuring, printing and submitting physical copies of the document. Don't worry your data is secured using the highest standards of data security and encryption.

Q17. Can my application get declined? What do I do in that case?

CashCare may not be able to serve you for the following reason:
(a) if we are unable to verify information provided by you or
(b) if your profile does not match the requirement of our financing partner.

In the event that your loan application is not accepted, you will be redirected to the partner website to complete your purchase using the other available payment options.

Q1. Do I sign a loan agreement?

You will be signing a loan agreement directly with the financing partner at the time of the documentation process.

Q2. How do I pay the EMIs?

Your EMIs will be debited automatically from your bank account. We will require you to sign an auto-debit authorization to enable us to automatically debit your EMIs.

Q3. What happens if I miss my EMI payment?

You would only miss your EMI if you have insufficient funds in your bank account. Delay in payments would be reported to CIBIL and will have financial charges. These charges will be clearly indicated as part of the loan contract with the financing partner.

Q4. Why is my loan value and EMI is not matching?

Because your EMI has been rounded up to the nearest Rupee.

Q5. What would be my repayment schedule?

We will clearly share your repayment schedule with you. We will also be sending timely reminders so that you can ensure your account is well funding before payment date.

Q1. How does direct debit work?

It is an instruction from you to your bank authorizing us to collect your EMI amount from your account; but only after giving you an advance alert of the amount and dates of when the amount will be collected.

Q2. How long does it take to clear the amount from my account through direct debit?

Direct debit payments are processed in maximum 3 working days. If your due date falls on a non – working day the payment will be collected by us on the next working day.

Q3. Why should I opt for this solution?

After the repayment of your loan is set up by this method you do not need to do anything more.

Q5. Why is the amount approved to be deducted higher than my EMI?

We hope to serve you more in the future hence once the approval is set up and if you make a consequent purchase you would not be required to set this up again.

Q6. What is the amount that will be deducted?

The EMI amount prescribed in the loan application is the amount which will be deducted after the purchase is complete.

Q7. Why should I give approval for 25 months?

Once the repayment is set up to an account you can use it for multiple purchases without having to set it up again.

Q8. When will the EMI be deducted?

We deduct the EMI on the 5th of every month.

Q9. What if later my application is rejected?

Don’t worry please contact us regarding this on care@earlysalary.com and we shall cancel the auto – debit for you.

Q1. How do I close my account?

If you wish to close your CashCare account, please contact us by sending us an email at care@earlysalary.com. Please note that your account cannot be closed until any outstanding balance has been paid in full.

Q2. What is your Terms of Service and Privacy Policy?

You can find our Terms of Service at Terms and Privacy Policy at Privacy.